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Coming back from burnout!

I approached Megan after nearly burning myself out a few years ago. I had decided to run my own business from home with a newborn and a 2 year old whilst my husband was away gaining a post graduate qualification. I was giving everything to my babies and my clients and had left nothing for me.

Reaching out to Megan was like tapping in to an oxygen supply. I instantly felt like I could breathe and had clarity about my next steps forward. I felt empowered and genuinely happy after implementing Megan’s strategies.

One of the issues I struggled with was recognising my core values. Once I was able to scratch through the surface and discover them it was immense. I can now sit back and make decisions based on whether they align with my values or not. That “gut feeling” is there for a reason!

I am mindful with my babies and actually enjoy the day to day milestones we achieve together instead of sitting back at the end of the day and focusing on what I haven’t achieved on my To Do list!

I have been on several of Megan’s “Soul Nourishment” Retreats and they are life changing in the best possible way. I have felt more empowered and excited about my life with all the tips I have picked up on these retreats. All of my friends and family have noticed a difference in me, but most importantly I have learnt to value myself :)

Megan covers whole food nutrition, restorative yoga (amazing!) and engages relevant and inspiring women's health speakers. She encourages creativity through expressive art (something that surprised me I could do!) Mindfulness and life coaching are a key aspect to these sessions and they are taught in such an accessible way for busy women.

I am looking forward to experiencing even more of Megan’s "Soul Nourishment", when her retreat facility opens later this year. Bush clad bliss in a spa! Maybe even a wine or two for good measure.

Thank you Megan for sharing your gift with us xx

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