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Coaching changed my life

I always thought I'd read enough self help/wellness literature to help me on my path in life and search for happiness. However, seeing Megan recently has made me realise how important it is to invest in life coaching. I can't tell you how much help Megan has been in my search for realising the real me and making positive changes in my life. I would walk in to see Megan as a confused and down person and walk out enthused and inspired (with strategies). What I like the best, is the way Megan empowers you, asking the right questions at the right times and allowing me to find the answers. Her knowledge in this area is 'real', which is why her wellness coaching works.

I am so glad I have invested in life coaching and myself. I am now on a clearer path and aware of what makes me happy and healthy, while living an authentic life.

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