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Inspired by retreat day

I was lucky enough to get a spot on the first retreat day! Not sure what I was expecting; chanting, humming etc but I thought, lets give it a go, might do no harm to get out of the daily comfort zone and challenge myself a bit.

And I am very glad I did. The whole day, to sum it up in a couple of words was; enjoyable, interesting, exciting, challenging and motivating. Listening to the speakers and the other ladies, learning about their 'life experiences' was extremely interesting, quite an eye opener and made me take a good look at myself. The highlight for me was the hour spent doing some art work. Not an arty person at all, I loved working on my "vision board" could have spent hours on it.

I walked away with lots of new information, but also tools to improve on a couple of aspects in my life that I wasn't too happy with!

10 /10 also for food and venue.

#testimonal #retreat

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