Massage - the Ultimate Therapy for Relaxation

Massage is one of the easiest ways of attaining and maintaining good health. It is a healing instinct, innate in all of us. We rub an aching shoulder and we massage our head when we have a headache. Headaches, body aches and pains, insomnia, tension and stress can all be alleviated with one simple instrument - hands that can massage.


Massage can have a powerful effect on our general health and can have an enormous comforting effect for those that are stressed and feeling the daily pressures of our modern chaotic lifestyles.


What it can actually do for us is amazing. It can improve circulation, relax muscles, aid digestion and by stimulating the lymphatic system, it speeds up the elimination of waste products - toxins! So that combined with psychological benefits of feeling nurtured can quickly produce a fabulous feeling of 'well-being'.


We believe massage is the ultimate therapy for relaxation - discover it for yourself.



Design your own package - a combination of massages can be discussed on booking. 

Unwind {30 mins}


Restore {45 mins}


Renew {60 mins}


Ayurvedic head massage (includes shoulders & neck) {60 mins}


Pregnancy Massage {60 mins}


Hot Stone Therapy {60 mins}


Aromatherapy sensory massage {75 mins}


Full body plus foot or head massage {90 mins}


Sauna & Hot Tub add-on {60 mins}

$30 pp

Sauna & Hot Tub {60 mins}

Without massage treatment

$50 pp

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