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What are they?


Mindfulness - you hear about it everywhere at the moment.  It really is nothing scary at all. Because it is a form of meditation, which is also very popular these days, people tend to think that it is something only for hippys and alternative types - so, so wrong.


Mindfulness Meditation is nothing more than learning to quiet the mind and to take a few minutes to be present in the moment. We all tend to live in the past or in the future and forget that right now is the only moment we actually have. Learning that can be easier than you think.


It is a seated or laying technique that focuses attention on breathing and mental relaxation. Mindfulness is now also recognised as a form of cognitive therapy (a therapy many are trying out due to the increase of burnout, breakdown, anxiety and stress related issues).


Learning to relax the brain is one of the hardest things to master when you have a busy mind, like most people in chaotic modern lifestyles. Mindfulness has a way of providing you with a better mindset so you can get a grasp on life's stresses. It is proven to help fight depression and anxiety, help regulate emotions and encourage better sleep. This in turn supports better behaviors and healthier attitudes. In addition to reducing stress and boosting relaxation, research suggests Mindfulness can also contribute to reducing many unhealthy physical aliments.

Learning the art of mindfulness can be life changing if you take a moment.


If you don’t want to accept chaos as the norm, then learn the art of creating moments throughout your day to ‘reflect and pause’.

All of my mindfulness classes are mixed with lifestyle coaching tools and skills that you can action into your life straight away.


mindfulness class {over 4 weeks}


Monday evenings 6pm - 8pm


120 minutes a week for 4 weeks


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