If you’d like to redress the balance in your life, but you’re getting nowhere on your own, a few sessions with a wellness coach can be useful.


Helping to motivate and inspire you to live a healthier and happier life

Invest in the wellbeing

and mindset of your

valuable team

Attain and maintain good health with massage and reflexology

A special time with your partner... relaxation, reconnect and rebuild

Spend a day or weekend recharging with time out designed just for you

An inspirational

six week programme

for teen girls 

Inspiration and education focused around women's health and wellbeing

Learn about mindfulness... you don't have to accept chaos as the norm



What is the simple meaning of

Wellness & Well-being?

The best answer, I believe, is a simple one.  Personal wellness/well-being is when you make yourself a priority in your life. Putting yourself at the top of the ladder instead of at the bottom, is the most beneficial thing you can do to achieve wellness.


Optimal physical, mental and spiritual health is the answer to a healthy well-being.  By the way, the word spiritual seems to spin some people out. They straight away think it is something weird and dodgy, it means nothing more than what makes your heart sing; what floats your boat; what lights your fire etc - well in my terms that's what it means.


They say good personal wellness is about finding some balance in your life.  Lifestyle coaching is a great way to stop and take check of what's going well in your life and what is not.



My background has always been in the health field and I just love helping and encouraging women to be healthy and happy. I have been the driving force behind the successful 'Pure Indulgence' brand for 14 years this year and I have loved it with great enthusiasm. 2016 sees me step away from the Day Spa world and into my new venture and passion with Soul Nourishment Retreat.

"I love coaching with a passion, I want to help you find yours. Coaching brings out the best in me, which in turn brings out the best in others I work with"


Megan x